Laravel vuejs

Introduction to vue.js in Laravel

Hello everyone! Welcome to Here I am going to discuss on vue.js and how to use Vue js in your laravel applications. ‘Vue – The Progressive JavaScript Framework’ is used for building user interfaces. As with laravel 5.3 onwards, it suggests us to use Vue as a default javascript framework. So here I will show you how to get started with Vue.

Setup Vue

Laravel uses npm to install all the related dependencies like vue, bootstrap, etc. Run the following command,

npm install 

Make sure you have the latest node and npm versions as some packages like laravel-mix require highest versions of node and npm.

So after installing all the necessary packages, you can see a directory named ‘node-modules’ in your applications root directory.

You can see a file named app.js in /resources/assets/js/ directory of your app. I am going to write all the vue in this file itself.

Overview of the application:

Here it has one text field to enter some text and a button to add that to the database. In the same page it shows all the entries in database with an option to delete any item. All the front end operations here like showing the items, and updating the page when new item is added, deleting an item is all managed by vue.js

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