Aimeos is the most popular e-commerce framework for Laravel and offers a professional, full-featured and ultra-fast platform for custom online shops, market places, and complex B2B e-commerce applications.

Aimeos Laravel

Aimeos is the best e-commerce package for Laravel if you want to build a shop or an e-commerce application that is designed for growth! It's also incredibly flexible and you can adapt anything to your needs to create highly custom e-commerce web sites.

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  • Multi-vendor, multi-channel and multi-warehouse capable

  • For shops from one to 1,000,000,000+ items that render in 20ms

  • Build multi-tenant SaaS with custom domains out of the box

  • Incl. bundle, voucher, virtual, config, custom and event products

  • Turn every product into a subscription with recurring payment

  • Supports 100+ payment gateways via Omnipay PHP library

  • World-class JSON REST API based on JSON:API standard

Aimeos contains tons of features and you can find the most important ones at the Aimeos feature page.


You can install Aimeos in your existing Laravel application within 5 minutes and can adapt, extend, overwrite and customize anything to your needs. Alternatively, you can use the Aimeos Laravel distribution to get a complete online shop with one command:

composer create-project aimeos/aimeos myshop

It will download and install the Aimeos distribution including all required packages. The installation script will ask you for database credentials and mail server settings (optional) before it will create your new shop instance on your machine:

Database setup
- DB_CONNECTION (mysql): 
- DB_HOST ( 
- DB_PORT (3306): 
- DB_DATABASE (laravel):
- DB_USERNAME (root):

After entering an e-mail address and the password for the administration interface, the setup of your new shop is complete and you can start managing your products:

Aimeos Laravel demo


Aimeos is a very easy to install Laravel e-commerce package but extremely scalable, fast and flexible. It's Open Source and available for free. If you want to know more about Aimeos, check their home page:

Aimeos - Laravel e-commerce

Official website