Themsaid has created a very nice package for our Laravel community. Currently, Laravel Langman is the best trending project on Github's trending PHP projects.

Laravel Langman

Langman is a language files manager in your artisan console, it helps you search, update, add, and remove translation lines with ease. Taking care of a multilingual interface is not a headache anymore.



You'll need PHP 7.0+ to run this tool.

Begin by installing the package through Composer. Run the following command in your terminal:

$ composer require themsaid/laravel-langman

Once done, add the following in the providers array of config/app.php:


This package has a single configuration option that points to the resources/lang directory, if only you need to change the path then publish the config file:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Themsaid\Langman\LangmanServiceProvider"


Showing lines of a translation file

php artisan langman:show users

You get:

| key     | en            | nl          |
| name    | name          | naam        |
| job     | job           | baan        |

php artisan langman:show

Brings only the translation of the name key in all languages.

php artisan langman:show users.nam -c

Brings only the translation lines with keys matching the given key via close match, so searching for nam brings values f