Laravel is becoming more and more popular and lots of web application are developing. In most of the web application there need some SEO work for thir marketing purpose. There are some tools but those are not suitable for non programmer. Everything can be control via dashboard like Wordpress Yoast.

laravel seo tool


  "require": { 
     "digitaldream/laravel-seo-tools": "1.*"


Add this line to config/app.php providers array . Not needed if you are using laravel 5.5 or greater


Then Run

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="SEO\SeoServiceProvider"

Please have a look to App\Policies\Seo folder. Adjust permission for seo settings routes.

Run migration

  php artisan migrate

Run Seed

   php artisan db:seed --class="SEO\Database\Seeders\SeoTablesSeeder"

Show form into your post/content page by adding this custom blade tag


This will be usually inside your form.

Save tags into your controller

if ($model->save()) { \SEO\Seo::save($model, route('', $model->slug), [ 'title' => $model->title, 'images' => [ $model->getImageUrl() ] ]); }

Do not make your controller dirty. Do not worry follow this instruction

Finally display tags into your layouts header by this custom blade tag


Now visit /seo/dashboard from your browser to see seo dashboard and settings