An eCommerce administration built with Laravel 5 for creating online shops. Shopper is an Admin Management build for Laravel 5.6+ (Not yet compatible with Laravel 5.8) which includes all the necessary for your online market application. The package includes other packages like Laravel Scout with Algolia Search, Localization, etc...

laravel ecommerce


Firstly, download the Laravel installer using Composer:

$ composer require mckenziearts/shopper  

Run this command to install Shopper in your project

php artisan shopper:install

This command will install shopper, publish vendor files, create shopper and storage symlinks if they don't exist in the public folder, run migrations and seeders classes.

Extend your user model using the Mckenziearts\Shopper\Plugins\Users\Models\User as Authenticatable alias:

namespace App;

use Mckenziearts\Shopper\Plugins\Users\Models\User as Authenticatable;  

class User extends Authenticatable  


Republish Shopper's vendor files

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Mckenziearts\Shopper\ShopperServiceProvider"
php artisan vendor:publish --all

During publishing of shopper vendors files, shopper will add some others package's configurations files to your config folder : larasap.php, scout.php, currencyConverter.php, laravellocalization.php and cartalyst.sentinel.php

If you want to create an admin user use this command:

php artisan shopper:admin

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