DevArtisan has a nice tutorial about working with Dropbox in Laravel 5.


Often we decide to store uploaded files into the cloud storage instead of our web server. There are many options available and Laravel comes with quite a few options but and can be extended with even more options, let's see how we can store uploaded files to popular could storage service Dropbox.

Dropbox Laravel

What we are building

We are going to build a simple app that will get our uploaded files and store it to Dropbox, to make things simple we will make this app in three simple steps.

1- First step for Upload form, where we will create a form to upload files.

2- The Second step is going to initiate our DropboxStorageRepository and will return the success or failure.

3- Last step will be to create our dedicated Dropbox repository that will house official Dropbox API related stuff such as creating a new connection to Dropbox and uploading files.