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Create a store locator web application with Laravel

We need to build an application for a multinational retail company having a lot of departments and resellers in different countries. The challenge is to establish a REST API structure that can be used by resellers or departments that have their web a

Learn about Route caching and Lumen in Laravel

Route caching helps to speed things up. In Laravel 5, a caching mechanism was introduced to speed up the execution.

Getting Started with BDD in Laravel

For many developers BDD is a complicated subject, and getting started with it the right way often does not come easy - especially when you need to implement it into an existing framework. This tutorial aims to help you get a BDD-powered Laravel proje

Laravel 5 and AngularJS token based authentication Part 2

In this second part of the Laravel and AngularJS todo application tutorial using token based authentication we are going to build the frontend. It will be made completely separated by the Laravel application itself so the same things seen in this tut

Laravel 5 and AngularJS token based authentication Part 1

In a previous tutorial we have seen how to use Laravel as backend for our AngularJS application. We made a basic todo application but we didn’t consider anything about users. This time we want to create always the same todo application but we w

Laravel 5 REST Api Basic Authentication Tutorial

In this tutorial we will see how to use Laravel 5 to serve as a REST API backend implementing also a simple basic HTTP Authentication to store data for different users of the application. We will use a middleware to provide the authentication for the

Laravel 5 REST Api Basic Authentication Tutorial

Hotel booking engine with Laravel 5 and AngularJS Part 2

In the first part of this tutorial series we created a basic Laravel application with all the data model needed for the application and a basic first controller to insert new room type. As we said at begin the frontend of the booking engine will be a

Hotel booking engine with Laravel 5 and AngularJS Part 1

This tutorial is the first of a serie where we explain how to create an hotel booking system from scratch using Laravel 5.1 and AngularJS. In the booking engine we will use AngularJS to create a single page application, the front end, where the fina

Create a Personal Blog with Laravel

In this tutorial, we’ll code a simple personal blog with Laravel. We’ll also cover Laravel’s built-in authentication, paginate mechanism, and named routes. We’ll elaborate some rapid development methods, which come with Larave

Create a master/slave database configuration in laravel

To set up a master/slave database, perform the following steps from the command line.

The first step is to determine which address the MySQL server is bound to. To do this, locate the line of the MySQL configuration file that contains the bind-add