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LARAVEL SHOP (Laravel 5.1 Package)

Laravel Shop is flexible way to add shop functionality to Laravel 5.1. Aimed to be the e-commerce solution for artisans.

Laravel shop adds shopping cart, orders and payments to your new or existing project; letting you transform any model into a s

Upload files in laravel 5

Upload files or images in laravel 5

It’s easy to working with files or images in laravel 5. we can easily validate and upload files in laravel 5. laravel 5 have it’s own functions to make files upload easy and fast. i am sharing some c

In place Editing with X-editable & Laravel

X-editable allows you to create editable elements on your page. It can be used with any engine (bootstrap, jquery-ui, jquery only) and includes both popup and inline modes. Let's have a quick look at implementing this in Laravel apps.

You ne

Email activation with Laravel

It’s week one of my journey and I’m feeling positive! I have a plan and I’m ready to go. After having installed Laravel I’ve decided that the first thing I’m going to work on is the user authentication side of things.

A complete Laravel Socialite tutorial

This week has been a productive one as the journey continues to build a SaaS app in Laravel. Today though I want to take you through my Laravel Socialite tutorial from login to storing the user in the database. The way I see it, a thorougher Socialit

How To Setup Laravel Application On Cloudways With Redis Cache

Laravel is a development framework which has rejuvenated PHP as a server-side language. It has gained massive popularity, and for good reason. It is a highly readable framework, which can be utilized in a modularized fashion in Composer packages. It

Creating A Todo App With SMS Alerts In Laravel 5

Today I am going to show you how easy it is to create a todo app with SMS alerts in Laravel. Everything needed in including in the Laravel installation. I am using Laravel Homestead as my development machine image.

**What Will We Be Building?**

Meet Elixir, the Laravel Way of Compiling Assets

In today’s web applications, we use a wide variety of tools to speed up the development workflow while keeping the code base as lean as possible. However, these tools might slow the process down, as some of them require compilation of the code,

Marshalling SQS jobs in Laravel

The ease of being able to queue jobs in Laravel is one of my favourite features of the framework. All you have to do is implement the ShouldQueue interface and the job will automatically be placed onto the queue. It’s so easy!

However, if yo

Easily develop a Ecommerce website with Laravel

I have tested many packages for laravel Ecommerce website development but many of them were incomplete or useless but here is a great package that will ease your laravel ecommerce development .

Here i am talking about LARAVEL SHOP package which