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Get Laravel Application Development Cookbook book for free!

Today, you can get Laravel Application Development Cookbook book **(worth $26,99)** for **free**!

Just visit the link above, register a free account and claim your free book!

**Here is the book's description:**

Since Laravel is so versa

Laravel Forum 3.0 Pre-Release

Want to learn how to make a Laravel forum? Check out this awesome package from Atrakeur!

Laravel Forum, a drop-in forum package for Laravel 4/5 originally created by Atrakeur, is a project we've been building on for the past year. Version 2 f

Turbocharing The Web With PHP 7

The Zend Performance Team has created a nice infographic about the performance of PHP 7 and PHP 5. PHP 7 is going to rock the PHP world!

![enter image description here][1]

[1]: http://www.zend.com/website/var/tmp/image-thumbnails/10000/1491

Laravel Spark Alpha is now available!

Spark is an experimental project primarily intended for building business oriented SaaS applications, and is highly opinionated towards that use case.

You can download and explore Laravel Spark by visiting this repo:


Laravel 5.1.11 has been released!

Laravel 5.1.11 includes support for authorization and new "policies" feature.

Implementing these new features into your Laravel 5.1 applications is very easy.

For more information, you can read it here:


Bootstrap 4 alpha is now available!

The first Bootstrap 4 alpha has been released. There are many new features:

**Moved from Less to Sass.**

**Opt-in flexbox support is here**

**Consolidated all our HTML resets into a new module, Reboot.**

**Brand new customization option

Taylor Otwell introduces Laravel Spark at Laracon

Laravel Spark is the new SAAS foundation that Taylor Otwell announced at Laracon 2015.

When you install Laravel Spark, you will have Authentication, Billing, A bootstrapped front-end and dashboard, Billing Management, Teams, etc.

It will be re

10 Things Every PHP Developer Should Know

Spend enough time around other developers, and you'll inevitably find that they are a knowledgeable bunch who typically enjoy solving problems and sharing opinions. After hanging around with the PHP developers on reddit's r/php, Mygaming ca