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Why And How To Use Swagger With Laravel Based RESTful API

When writing an API, it’s always a good idea to give the API users an interactive visualization of your complete API. Things can get more awesome if the interactive tool can be used as a playground to test your API. Google’s OAuth 2.0 P

Dealing with brute force attacks in Laravel

As soon as your web application gains any kind of traction you will become the target for brute force attacks.

Whilst an all out attack is very difficult to fight against, there are certain things you can you put in place to try to thwart brute fo

Do I Really Need This Route Anymore?

Clean out old code can be hard. When your application has numerous javascript widgets, blade templates and forms you can not easily say what routes are being used. But with just a few artisan commands we can easily make this happen.

Also this can

How to change Form Request Validation Rules based on HTTP Request Method

In this post I will show you how to change your Laravel validation rules based on the request method type. This is useful when you want your validation logic encapsulated in one validation class. By the way. There’s nothing bad about having sev

Laravel Social Media - Authentication & posting statuses

Sam shows you how to authenticate users and post status using Laravel 5 framework.

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Installing Laravel - Italian

> *Important: Let us know what you liked or may have disliked. We will be updating all chapters regularly to fix bugs and mistakes.*

# Chapter 1: Installing Laravel

There are many ways to install Laravel. We can install Laravel directly on o

About - Italian

# Book Description

Learning Laravel 5: Building Practical Applications is the easiest way to learn web development using Laravel. Throughout 5 chapters, instructor Nathan Wu will teach you how to build many real-world applications from scratch. Th