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Middleware that allows admin ONLY to delete record in Laravel 5

Laravel has a cool way of filtering HTTP requests entering your application. The HTTP Middleware. You can find all your Middleware inside your ‘App\Http\Middleware‘ folder. Middleware is in charge of the default user authentication and ve

Where to use Facades in Laravel

I want to be clear. I love the facade system in Laravel. It’s useful. It’s powerful. But it can also be a pain in the ass. Learning when to use, or not use facades and instead rely on dependency injection can not only help keep your code

Laravel Maintenance Mode: Exclude IP Address

There is a cool feature from Laravel called Maintenance Mode that allows developer to simply take down the website and apply necessary updates and changes. You can invoke in the command prompt

php artisan down

And your application will put

Laravel 5.1 Gravatar Plugin

Ok, now that I have my fresh install of Laravel 5.1, I’m going to do more tutorials on this blog. For now, I’m going to start with something extremely simple, adding a Gravatar to your nav bar.

This is super simple thanks to the team

Sending data via Pusher in a Laravel Application

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been adding Pusher to a Laravel application.

First, we set up the Client for making requests to Pusher and the Storage to store the currently active users in Setting up Pusher in a Laravel Application.

Laravel as an Intermediary

If you are anything like me, you view new projects as an opportunity to stretch your abilities, tackle a challenge, and improve your coding. This blog entry is an attempt to share a few items that stood out to me on one of Zaengle's Laravel inte

Upload files to S3 and generate previews using Laravel

I recently put together a PHP client library for FilePreviews and immediately thought about putting together a blog post on how I’d use it. After 6 years, according to this repo, of not writing a single line of PHP, I looked into Laravel since

Laravel 5 simple search box using GET method

First of all, I know there are many ways to do this, and this might not be the best way to do it.

So what we are going to do is to add a search box text field in the upper left side of our table. Definitely it will search for any records containin